Thursday, 24 July 2014

Just chilling with my girls!

Hello there my lovely people! After watching my video above, you will probably guess what's this post is going to be about :) First of all, I just would like to say that some of my pictures could have had a better background I know but we are in the middle of the renovation process so apologies for that and I think these pictures captured a nice moment so wanted to use them anyway. 

On with the post:

I was finally able to get two of the most adorable guinea pigs ever ( in my mind of course)! I'm not going to lie though and say that it's all Zoella's fault ;) She bought her guinea pigs (Pippin and Percy) back in January I believe and since then I just fell in love with these cute and little creatures and would always pop in to Pets at Home store to watch them play and observe them for a little bit. I did it for about 4 months! I know! I couldn't have any pets back at my student accommodation so I would have to just make the most out of the time that I had when I was in the store. I definitely made up my mind about getting them and so I started doing my research. I think, it's quite an important step no matter how big or small your future pet is because it will give you a fair point of view of whether or not this pet is for you. I took leaflets from the store, did some research online and watched a few YouTube videos in order to make up my mind completely.

It's so amazing to observe them and laugh at them, yes at them not with them as that would be weird! They make the most cute noises ever when communicating with each other, expressing their joy and happiness and of course when they are hungry.

I've only had them for about a week now and I can already see their personalities and what they like and don't like. Guinea pigs are very sociable animals and would suit anyone including families with small children. 

If you're thinking about getting a small pet then guinea pigs might be the ones for you! Go to a pet's store and have a look for yourselves :)
Are you a small pet lover?
Let me know:) 

Jane xxx


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