Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Blue Lagoon Dream

Since I discovered Iceland as a country and not a shop in the UK that sells frozen food,  I very quickly realised that it is going right onto my Bucket List.

   Magic Waters

So here I am at the one of 25 Wonders of the World where I nearly shed a tear as I just couldn't believe that I was finally there! 
The second we approached the lagoon I just couldn't believe my eyes. It was a grey day with grey clouds all over it but the water was so blue that it felt like I was inside a filter as I never seen anything like this before. 

After a quick change into my swimming suite I ran outside into the freezing air  and struggled to find a space to hang our towels. Yes probably not what you expected to read next. 
If I could give you one tip when you're there it will be to hang your towels inside first so that you don't have to do it outside as it was absolutely freezing. 

Everything has changed when I took my first dip into the blue magic waters.  You will be glad to know that the temperature of the water is around 37-45 degrees celsius so very comfortable to be in outside in winter. 
I loved that we could have been there for an x amount of hours as there is no set time once you are in the lagoon. You may leave whenever without incurring any extra charges. 
Here is a link to the official Blue Lagoon website where they explain all about the minerals in the water and how great it is for the skin and many more interesting news as I am no expert in this field.

                                                                      Magic Minerals

While your body is soaking in all the good stuff  you can also 'treat' your face with 2 face masks that are 'free' if you choose COMFORTABLE package. They are called Algae and Silica masks which you can purchase in their shop - (link)as well as a lot of other very exciting products and yes as you probably guessed it they are not cheap but if you want something that good you've got to pay for it. 
BUT I just couldn't spend that amount of money when we were there but thanks to the internet I can always buy it now or in the future. 
When it comes to the hair the lagoon advises you to cover it up or put on plenty of hair conditioner as it won't damage it as such but they say it will take time to wash off all the minerals off HOWEVER I wet my hair by accident and my hair was so lovely and smooth with no frizz so I suppose it depends from hair type. 

                                                                   Surprise Trip 

Overall this trip was just one that I am so happy to finally tick off my Bucket list and would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a routine break. This was actually a surprise trip to my other half on his birthday. We have only been there for 3 days but I felt like I had a very good break from my routine and most importantly my work! 
So if you are looking for a little get away why not consider Iceland? 

I would love to know your travel plans for this year. Booked somewhere already? Saving for that one in a lifetime trip? Tell me everything down below in the comment section so we can have a chat and inspire one another to visit new places.


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  1. Oh my that water looks scary to be in..I can't seem to keep my sanity straight whenever I look at big water bodies.. I hope to embark on an holiday trip this year but don't know yet..#hi from facebook

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