Friday, 20 April 2018

My Top 3 spring looks ( on a budget) + MORE

                                                                   Welcome to my Wardrobe 

Hello and welcome to my tiny little wardrobe so tiny that even my husband surprisingly asked me the other day Jane where are all your clothes??He was so surprised by the amount of clothes I own these days that he is now even willing to do a cheeky order on my ASOS account and I literally squeaked YAY! Maybe that's going to be my next post? Who knows.. but today I wanted to show you my top 3 pieces that I will be wearing this spring.

By the way this post is a collaboration with other amazing blogger who will show you her take on Spring/Summer 18 looks and trends hence MORE in the title.. I thought I'd clarify what this MORE was now you know and you definitely need to check her out! I will leave her link to her post at the end of mine.
                                                              Sad FACE but happy its Spring
I look seriously sad on this photo, how ironic hey? So I decided to put a big smile on my face to make me look more happy but hey I am talking about outfits and not my face here :) 

So outfit number 1 is rather casual and I love it because its so simple yet slightly different from your standard t-shirt and jeans. The colour is so vibrant and sad face makes it rather an unusual vibe BUT it sparks a lot of funny conversations and I find it actually makes people smile when they see it which rather nice.
Lazy Oaf is not exactly on a budget but they do have brilliant sales on so I always keep an eye out for it on ASOS as their sales are for some reason more discounted than on lazy oaf's own web site.
TOP - Lazy Oaf ( top was on sale at 50% off)
JEANS: ASOS own brand
Dolce& Gabbana Vibes 

I always get compliments from people when I wear this flowery shirt and instagram was no different where by the way you should totally follow me  here.
The shirt reminds me of D&G vibes so much and it's going to be so in this season and I really happy about that!

So you probably just want to know where is this shirt from ALREADY! Well its only an H&M shirt :) I buy all of my shirts from this shop and value for money the quality is absolutely incredible!

                                                                   My Favourite Blazer 
Blazer is a must for me when it comes to spring time purely because its so easy to throw on over a shirt  as its still quite chilly in the mornings here in the UK but as the weather gets warmer during the day I take it off. I also like to put it over a t-shirt and jeans for a more relaxed look on weekends. 
You'll be surprised but I only own 1 blazer which is rather surprising for me too. I really want to find a dupe to a green velvet one by Gucci that I've seen recently online! It's gorgeous but with a price tag of almost 2 of my monthly wage I really cannot justify it. So I am sticking to my TOPSHOP blazer that I got on sale for £20!


Now I don't know about you but I am ready for some dessert and today I am serving you a beautiful blogger - Her Petite Closet who shared her own take on springs fashion 2018. Please do check her out too and leave a nice comment :)

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