Sunday, 8 November 2015

Things I wish someone told me.

Oh hey,

So I caught myself thinking the other day about things that I wish I knew when I was a teenager as I feel that times can be a bit uncertain at this stage and mine definitely was. Although I have to say that my mum probably told me these on numerous occasions because she is just the best but as any other teenager I had a mind of my own and didn't take any notice of them.


1. Don't ever let people doubt yourself. Admittedly, I feel this doesn't just apply to teenagers but to adults also. It's so easy to fall into a habit of doing things that other people approve of and doubt yourself and your capabilities in something that you want to do and what makes you happy. Just remember, people tend to overreact to things that they are not familiar with but just think that people like Steve Jobs for example thought outside of the box in the world of  black and white TV and managed to make such a difference into our world still to this date. 
So write down your CRAZY ideas and believe in yourself but most importantly surround yourself with people who make you laugh, support you and just make you feel good. I feel that this is so important. 

2. Puberty can be unkind. It's a fact that you need to accept. Every girl is growing up in a different way from you and boobies, hips,  unwanted hair, extra un(wanted) weight are all part of that. I remember back when I was about 13, most of my girlfriends' breast area has started showing a slight change and mine was flat as an ironing board and probably as any other girl I was a little bit upset BUT when ahem... TMI alert... my period started ahem... My body have decided to grow in width and height all at once! So in a few months I put on 10 extra kg which for my height of 155cm was a tough pill to swallow. Whilst I watched my friends blooming like beautiful roses, me on the other hand looked like an ugly, grey and an overweight duck.
However, I do remember my mum telling me that: 'Jane, remember that cartoon ( Ukrainian) where an ugly grey duck, one day became a beautiful white swan?' to which I always said: 'Of course I do, mum!' and every time when my mum reminded me that one day I might become a beautiful white swan, life seemed to get better.

Just remember, looks are not everything, especially when you're going through something like puberty. Just take everything in and have fun with your friends because believe me one day, you won't be able to see them everyday, so those moments are very precious.

3. Boys. Now, this point was very important to me.Purely because I was very interested in them at this point in my life and well... they weren't, and it's the best way I can describe that very inconvenient situation. I mean who would want to date a fat looking duck? Well no one. So then I decided to take the matter in my own hands and would tell boys that I fancied them and well.. Most of the time I was left heartbroken because they just didn't feel the same way about me. My first every super bad crush was at school on a boy in a year above me. However the most amusing thing was that I didn't even speak to the guy and I vividly remember telling my mum and my friends that I love him!! Makes me smile now that I'm talking about it but trust me it wasn't all fun and games for me back then.
But once again, it gets better! I finally started going out with a boy when I was 16, and then my dating life has officially begun until I got married when I was 21.

4. Annoying parents. I actually feel very sad writing this now that I'm 26 but back in the day when I was a teenager, there were many times when I felt that my parents were getting on my way, they just didn't get me, I thought! Well, that was just the period of my life when I thought I know everything and I don't need their advice! How wrong was I?! At the age of 26, my parents are the only people that I trust completely and I know they won't betray me at the first opportunity. So try and understand your parents, they are simply worried about you and they love you so much that they want you to succeed greatly. So go on and give them a kiss and a hug, they will appreciate it trust me!

I could probably go on writing another 10 pages of this blog post but I don't think anyone will want to spend that much time reading a blog post:)
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Thank you.

Jane xxx
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