Saturday, 6 December 2014

Quater of a century I lived!

I am a bit late on this I must admit. My birthday was in fact back in October but I only just got a chance to sit down and write about it. Better late than never, hey?
It was a very chilled out and relaxed birthday for me as I didn't feel very well:( Booo!
I wish I could have celebrated it with all my family and friends as turning 25 was quite a special day for me but unfortunately they are all too far away from me ( 3 hours plane journey that is haha!). But there was a lot of skype and telephone calls and that made it feel like we were together again. Technology is something that I will always be grateful for and living in the century that we are in!

 I had my closest people next to me who surprised me and spoiled me all day long, what more could a girl want? :)

Yeah I suppose you didn't believe me when I said that it was very chilled out evening. Oh yes it was let me reassure you:)! I wore my cozy robe and cozy pink socks = happy Jane.

I hope you're having a nice weekend and I'll write to you very soon :)

Jane xxx

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