Saturday, 6 December 2014

Quater of a century I lived!

I am a bit late on this I must admit. My birthday was in fact back in October but I only just got a chance to sit down and write about it. Better late than never, hey?
It was a very chilled out and relaxed birthday for me as I didn't feel very well:( Booo!
I wish I could have celebrated it with all my family and friends as turning 25 was quite a special day for me but unfortunately they are all too far away from me ( 3 hours plane journey that is haha!). But there was a lot of skype and telephone calls and that made it feel like we were together again. Technology is something that I will always be grateful for and living in the century that we are in!

 I had my closest people next to me who surprised me and spoiled me all day long, what more could a girl want? :)

Yeah I suppose you didn't believe me when I said that it was very chilled out evening. Oh yes it was let me reassure you:)! I wore my cozy robe and cozy pink socks = happy Jane.

I hope you're having a nice weekend and I'll write to you very soon :)

Jane xxx


Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Favourites.

November is over people!!!
Christmas and New Year's Eve is upon us and I cannot contain my excitement for this year's festive season. However this post is not about that, it's about my favourite products that I used throughout the month of November :)

So, let's crack on:

Clinique as a brand was and still is one of my favourite. It works well on my skin, both in skin care routine and make up. Shame I can't always afford it but this time my skin needed a little 'pick me up' and I decided to give this one a try. I use it after I took all of my make up off. I then take Clinique's anti-blemish solution tonic and put some of it on a cotton pad and oh my goodness, it does feel straight away that it's working! My spots and blemishes started to disappear after about 2 weeks of using this product every day- once a day. I also noticed that my skin is not as oily as it usually is and I do think that this product has helped me to make it happen.

I wrote a post about #ZoellaBeauty  here not so long ago and let me tell you all lovely bunch of people that I loved this product so much that I am including it in my favourites post:) 
It doesn't take long for it to absorb into your skin and it feels silky smooth after I applied it. Basically, this is my favourite one out of the whole range.

Earlier this month I decided to take advantage for Soap and Glory 3 for 2 in my local Boots. Eeek! I am always very excited when offers like these are taking place. I never tried a fragrance mist from Soap and Glory but I am very glad to tell you that I am not disappointed! The smell is something I never smelled before! It stays on for a long time, which is very important for me and the smell is kind of sweet and fresh at the same time. My apologies as I am not very good at describing scents.
Basically, go into your local drug store and give it a little sniff:)

Last but not least is this foot lotion that I got as part of a set which came in with cozy pink socks. I posted a picture on instagram wearing them so go ahead and check it out:) It's @Jane_Aliesina.
As weather got colder I found that my body lotion just didn't do it for my feet, so I decided to give this one a try and I really like the way it moisturise my feet and leaves them looking healthy.

That is about it :)

If you want, you can comment down below letting me know if you tried any of those products above or let me know what products you've been loving this month?

Happy Sunday!

Jane xxx

Friday, 14 November 2014

What happened?!

Source: Google

Over the last few days I was quite surprised to find out that a few of my favourite British Youtubers/ Bloggers/Vloggers are going through a stage of receiving constant hating comments that is addressed directly at them and may I just add are quite personal. The question I have is how the heck did that happen?? I remember the days when this wasn't an issue but I suppose the bigger you get, the more people start having the need to share their negative opinions with everyone but most of the time they are just not necessary. Don't get me wrong, I obviously understand we don't live in an ideal world where everything is either black or white and no matter how many times people spread the negativity across the social media, it will not change anything instead it will make matters worse! How hard is it to understand? Online world is just like the real world except you can hide your face, which ultimately is the reason why people can share their opinion and not feel embarrassed by it. 

Personally, I take part in social media such as twitter, youtube and bloglovin' every single day and if I don't like something/someone, I just don't watch/read it and just ignore it. Now.. there is of course a difference between constructive criticism and negative comments. I don't find it offensive if someone decides to tell me that I can do things better instead I quite enjoy it because that will make my blog better. What's wrong with that? Nothing. On the other hand, negativity is something I can't handle. What's the point? It will not make that person happy nor does it really make you happy instead it makes you even more miserable. The point is that if you hate someone then you always have an option of not watching that video and keep your day and that person's day happy.

 Two of my favourite youtuber's such as Zoella and Gabby aka Velvetgh0st, oh and of course PointlessBlog ( which makes it three of my favourite youtubers) have all came out about their feelings on their current situation where their subscribers gone all 'we all hate you'. I feel quite embarrassed even though I am not the one writing nasty comments. I suppose that just shows how narrow minded some people are and how far they can go, completely and utterly unnecessary. I do however feel that the topic of 'I hate you' can also be applied to the 'real world' because if there is someone you didn't particularly like or didn't get on very well with you wouldn't be friends with them would you? We are not meant to like every single person we meet and that's where our special friends are stepping in. We all ( I hope) have one, two or three or however many you have very special friends with whom you can share absolutely everything and feel your very best you can be around them.
All I am trying to say is let's stop this negativity spreading around and let's share some love and support :)
Source: Google

Happy Friday everyone and have a lovely weekend!
 Let's spread love not hate!

 Jane xxx

Saturday, 8 November 2014

My silly thoughts out loud...

On a rainy Sunday morning I came across my old family photo album and I just couldn't resist to sit down and remember the good old times. Instantly I was greeted by my silly little smile that never seemed to disappear when I was younger. When growing up I remember I used to hear this a lot: 'Jane, you never stop smiling! You always happy!' they used to say.
I didn't understand it back then as I thought everyone should be as equally as happy and there was absolutely no other way around it. Unfortunately, that changed when adulthood decided to knock on my door and tell me that it was my turn to grow up. I suppose I just wasn't ready to accept certain things nor did I really want to. I know it will sound so silly but my heart was broken when I realised that Santa does not exist!*Shhhs* don't tell anyone! It's a secret:)* Haha! You probably laughing with amusement but I was one of those kids that used to believe in miracles and things that I am too embarrassed to talk about now:) Though, on a more serious note I think we should find and cherish a golden piece of our childhood inside our souls to remind ourselves how awesome it was or how far we've come as a person.
Let's be honest as kids we are a lot more open about our feelings and thoughts, we are quite playful and not scared to take risks but most importantly we almost never stop smiling and find the joy in little things in life. So be meaningful, be happy and smile at tiny things in your life:)
Jane xxx

Monday, 13 October 2014

Hello Autumn 2014 :)

Leaves have turned all the colours of the rainbow here in London. As much as I love summers and long sunny days, it's quite nice to lighten up all the candles, snuggle up with a hot water bottle and watch some 'Friends' :) Although, it's getting darker, colder and rainier it makes me look forward to a lot of things such as Halloween, New Year's Eve and of course Christmas! Not going to lie and say that sometimes I feel like staying in, just like my guinea piggies:)
I wish you all a great and cosy autumn:)
Jane xxx

Sunday, 5 October 2014


I am not going to lie and say that I was so freaking excited about this launch!!!
I suppose I want to start this post by introducing how my Zoella obsession has started.
I came across Zoella's video, which in fact was '50 facts about me' ( and yes I still remember it) last year and was absolutely stunned by her beauty, personality and ability to make you sit and watch all of her videos in one day. I learnt a lot from her videos and she is one hell of an inspiration to me in terms of fashion, hair and make-up looks.

I am so very much happy for her as she's done very well for herself! But most of all I feel she deserves it all. 
Here are a few things that I got from Zoella beauty a few days ago. I placed my order on website and could not wait until it got delivered!!!

If you've been following Zoella on YouTube and her blog, you can obviously tell that I didn't get every single item that she launched as I didn't want to damage my bank account too much considering that I've got enough candles and bubble bars from Lush:) 

The name says it all my friends! This body lotion has quite a creamy consistency to it however you are not left sticky and it absorbs into your skin very quickly! Just what I need when I get ready for work in the mornings and don't have time to stand around and wait. I've never smelled anything like this before and it's quite hard to explain but it's very fresh and has a citrus smell to it. 
You can use this one for both bath times and showers which I think is very convenient. The only downside that I found with this one is when I use it in the shower, I need quite a lot of it to make the consistency bubbly enough. Otherwise I still enjoy it very much as the smell is divine. 

This cute little make-up bag was too cute not to buy however I needed a new one so it was perfect timing. It feels very good quality and it's perfect for travel. You can also use this bag as a pencil case. Again quite a convenient purchase. 
Last but not least, I ordered this body mist in the most sweet and cute packaging ever, don't you think?! The fragrance is again quite fresh and I love putting it on in the mornings. However, I have to say that I have to re-apply it during the day as obviously it's a body mist and not a perfume but I do think Zoe should launch her own perfume line as I think it will smell amazing!!!

The whole range of Zoe Sugg's products are very cute and bright. As soon as I put out all the products in my room it instantly made it look 100 times prettier. 

I am very happy with my purchases and I hope Zoella will do more beauty launches in the future but for now I am looking forward to her book which comes out really soon :)

Let me know if you bought ZoellaBeauty products and what you thought of them :) 

Until next time, bye bye:)
Have a great and relaxing Sunday everyone!

Jane xxx


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Stay with me...

                                                                     Source: Google
Hello there! I hope you are all doing really well this Sunday afternoon! 
Well, that was a bit weird intro but hey ho.

After browsing the internet for a little while, I came across this image and it inspired me to sit down and write a post. It's not very often that I see an image and I feel like writing but of course this was an exception. The reason being is because this sweet image quite literally sums up my year of 2011-2012. 

Let's be honest, long distanced relationships are a bit pants and it feels like there is no end to it. You plan your life 3-6 months ahead to make sure that you get a chance to those precious moments with your loved one. In my case, by the end of September 2012 I've travelled to Ukraine 13 times in the matter of 12 months. For some it might be a shock and an instant question of how could you afford it? Well, no I'm not rich, I was quite lucky in the fact that my parents have their own business here in the UK and they needed someone to travel to Kiev as a courier every month. I didn't get paid for it but I got free tickets to go home and see my husband! I'm sure most of you would agree that was more precious than money. Besides I had a part time job that paid my rent, bills and my social life. 

Flying is tiring, it's draining, I had headaches and nose bleeds on a regular basis. I guess, the lesson that I've learnt from all this is that I will never be an air hostess! So if you are an air host/air hostess and you're reading this, please know that I respect you a LOT and so should everyone else! That doesn't mean that I ever disrespected this profession, I guess I just didn't realise how physically demanding it is as at some point I had a serious thought becoming one.

So, with no further do I decided to come up with few tips on how to overcome a long distanced relationship based completely and utterly on my own experience therefore it might differ from your own one as we are all special in our own little ways. Nonetheless, I hope you find some of it helpful.

1. You're not alone! Just think about your other half all these miles away who wants you to be near just as much as you do. Moral support is everything. You need to be supportive and caring both ways. If you see that you're lovely is upset today then try to think of a way to cheer them up. I know it's not easy trust me! But somehow it is possible if you know that person well. I used to remind ourselves of certain funny moments that we experienced together and it usually did the trick.

2. Skype?! Now, I know we live in the century of the internet, skype and other cool 'stuff' that makes long distance seem a little bit less stressful. However, nothing beats an old fashioned letter that went through hell (slight exaggeration I know) in order to be put in your letter box. For some reason it feels so much more special than an -email or a skype call. Don't get me wrong, of course we used to skype and e-mail each other but with time I started hating the word skype as I wanted him to be with me right here, right now, not on the screen of my lap top. When I used to send him letters I would put my favourite lipstick on and quite literally kiss the letter, sometimes I would go even further and spray the letter with my perfume. A bit too much? No I don't think so :) 

3. Surprise. This is probably one of the most hardest things to do in a long distanced relationship however it's important not to forget about it. Just think about it.... how special is it to open your bag and see a bright envelope with hearts in the airport full of strangers? How nice do you think it is to receive a creative video made by your other half? Yep, I thought so, of course it's all things special and it would instantly cheer you up. Just think of the right words to say in the surprise letter, the words that will inspire you both to be strong, cheerful and thankful for each other and wait until the day you will finally be re-united for good. Stay positive!

Precious moments together.


A lot of selfies were taken :D 

Hanging out with our friends in a village :)

My favourite part of my trips to Ukraine was to be re-united:)

After grilling 12 months he finally got the visa to come to the UK!!!
If you're going through something like this at this moment in time then I really hope it gave you some positive things to think about and don't forget : Stay strong and be positive!

Jane xxx


Monday, 8 September 2014

3 years ago...

3 years ago I officially became one of the most happiest woman on planet earth. I was only 21 years of age and please let's not jump into conclusions that it was an arranged marriage. The reason I say this is because a few of my so called 'friends' have turned their backs on me after they found out that I got married. I suppose the difference between Ukrainian and English population in terms of marriages and having babies is that here in the UK people tend to leave it until they're in their 30's and there is nothing wrong with that whereas in Ukraine getting married at the age of 18- 25 is quite normal. Although saying this, I really don't want to give the wrong idea. All I want to say is that people in Ukraine tend to find the right one more quickly than in the UK :) Of course it's not a serious point that I am trying to make but I hope it made you smile or raise your eyebrow:) Either way, please don't take this point too seriously.

 It's true what they say, there is no age for true love and it can happen with anyone at no given time.  However, this post is not going to be where I talk about how happy I am and how everything fell into place and how blessed I feel but I'll be honest and say that I am not happy all day every day but I have to say it's mostly out of the simple everyday things that with time became a routine and sometimes I get tired of it. It's life and things are not always the way you want them to be and that's OK. Sharing your life with someone who became your family because of one reason and one reason only - love, well this might be one of the most amazing things on this planet. So fall in love, break hearts, let your heart be broken because that's the reality, it's unfortunately inevitable. When the day comes, you will then understand why you had to go through the rough road of dating frogs and assholes. Excuse my language :D

He stole my heart, he stole me:)
See you soon my friends :) I wish you all the love and happiness that you deserve :)

Jane xxx


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Things I've enjoyed- August edition

Hi there my lovely people!

I am so sorry I've been away for a while. With my new job, renovating place and just being a good wife, I found myself too busy to sit down and write. However, I did start a new post last week but never got around to finish it haha!

Anyway enough with the waffle, let's crack on with the post. I am not going to lie and say that I am quite sad that summer is almost over but on the other hand I'm very much looking forward to autumn and winter time:) Unfortunately, my skin at the moment has seen better days and I've been on the look out for new products that could solve my skin problems. Is it only me but for some reason as soon as I start stressing around, not getting enough sleep and just be too busy to look at myself in the mirror, I instantly get spots and blemishes and I absolutely hate this fact but that's what the beauty companies are for, right? To solve our problems when our lifestyle is too demanding:)


I will forever be grateful to the person who invented this freaking amazing water that magically dissolves your make-up, cleanses and soothes your face without leaving your skin oily or over-dried. However, this product has completely won me over for one reason and one reason only, it doesn't hurt my eyes!!! I always had this problem where after I took my eye make up off I looked like I've been crying for hours, which let's face it, it's not great. It's such a bargain and bearing in mind what a great product this is, I would definitely check it out if you haven't already :) 
This is a face scrub which let's admit is more on a pricier side BUT OH MY GOODNESS! It's absolutely worth it.. This scrub is specifically designed for oily skin with blemishes. It's a see through scrub with tiny little exfoliaters that cleanses every single part of your face. I instantly noticed results after couple of uses.

When it comes to body scrubs, I can not commit to only one scrub. I am always on the look out for new products and this month I've been using 'SPAtopia Dead Sea Body Scrub'. I bought this one from Sainsbury's supermarket for only £4.00!! It has a great smell and I feel that my skin is squeaky clean after using it. 

Again this one is more on the pricier side but La Rochey-Pose range is not the cheapest but when it comes to skin care products I tend to spend a lot more as it goes on my face. I use this tonic after I took all my make up off as it helps to clean my pores thoroughly and get rid off any left over make-up. I saw the change pretty much after the first use as I didn't have any more break outs. 

This product is actually a little disappointment to me. As you probably know I have oily skin and this really doesn't help me in the sense of getting rid off the excessive oils but it will probably suit very sensitive skin type. After using this product I found myself with a lot more break outs than usual. So I think if you have very sensitive and probably dry skin, this is the product for you. 

On the other hand, I've been loving this facial wash gel. It's 100% soap free and does what is says on the packet. It cleans and soothes the skin. It also has vitamin goodness to keep your skin revived.  

As I said earlier I had a lot of spots on my face this month:( Therefore, I decided to try out this treatment product and it definitely helped me to clear out my skin. I put it on my clean face before I go to bed. 

About £2.00
I've been wearing this hair band non-stop on my days off as I find it's a little too much to wear it to the office. I got it from Primark about 2 months ago and it adds cuteness and girlieness to any outfit :) 
Here is me wearing it:

I hope you guys had a great summer!!! I wish you all a great autumn and I'll see you soon :)

Jane xxx 


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Back to business

Hello there lovely people of the internet :)

It was my first week at my new job and I decided to share my impressions with you on my blog. As a new bee I always get a little bit nervous before my first day but I decided not to put any pressure on myself and not think about it too much as I find it helps me stay calm and stress free. My first day was very busy and it went by quite quickly. At times I felt like that guy from the McDonald's advert hahaha!:

All in all I am very happy to be there and looking forward to my future career in this great company.
Here is me being me on a Friday after work :)

Jane xxx


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Home is where your heart is.

Home sweet home!

I don't know what it is but recently I've been more interested in home ware bits and bobs than in beauty or fashion related "stuff". I think it's the phase which I go through every summer, when for some reason I want to change things around a little bit. I am absolutely in love with Tesco Homeplus stores at the moment as they are not too expensive and also closely working with other brands therefore you can get an absolute bargain for a great product. It was very tempting to get everything I wanted but I had to take it easy on my bank account so I restricted myself to things that I really needed.

It seems they are out of stock :( £8.60

I hope it gave you some inspiration for home bits and pieces if you're into this sort of thing at the moment. I am a very happy bunny with all of my purchases however the only thing that I didn't really like is the delivery process. Each item above was delivered separately rather than all in once but it's ok because it's all worth it in the end :) 

Have a great Thursday evening everyone and don't forget tomorrow is Friday! Wohoo!

Jane xxx 

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