Thursday, 10 December 2015

Beauty bits - Winter Edition

Hey everyone!

So winter is officially here and I am so excited about that!!!!

Over the last couple of months I've noticed that I've started reaching for some items that I don't usually use in warmer months of the year and so I decided to share it with you, just in case if you're interested.
I am a big lover of lotions and body butters and so this item isn't really a novelty for my skin in autumn/winter months but it's definitely a must during this time of the year especially if you get very dry skin. I've been absolutely loving this body lotion by Zoella Beauty from her Tutti Fruity collection. It absorbs very quickly and leaves your skin really soft and smelling divine.
Here is a closer look:) It also has a lot of bursting beads and extracts of Acai which protects and pampers your skin.

Lipsticks on the other hand is a new thing that my lips are experiencing this year. I've never been a fan of them for some reason but I suppose after watching a couple of YouTube videos where beautiful beauty gurus are talking about how this lipstick has changed their life ( sorry... being a little bit overdramatic here but you get the point) and then of course I go to Boots and start experimenting with different colours of lipstick. The one I'm using the most these days is by Kate Moss in number 37. It's not exactly your typical Merlin Monroe red colour but it does the job and  if you're going for a more vampy look then this colour is definitely worth a try because you can build up the colour that you want with no trouble.

What I've been really like doing for the last couple of months is to use this beautiful thing by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I absolutely love this colour! It's so appropriate for this time of the year however I will still be wearing it all year round. It's very glossy and smells of fresh and sweet watermelons, which is a little bonus. The colour is in 'Let's travel the World' which has a really nice coral colour to it.
Lip balms is a must for me in autumn and winter time as my lips tend to get quite dry. I've been using Kissy Missy lip balm by Zoella. It's very moisturising and has a very lovely pinky tint to it but you can most definitely build up the colour if you wish.
Red nail polish is a must for me! Although I like to change the colour of my nails on a weekly basis, I've been loving this nail polish by Bourjois in a dark red colour the most! It's quite shiny and lasts a decent amount of time on your nails without chipping.

I've been really enjoying using the 'Stop the clock' moisturiser by Sanctuary Spa over my Clinique gel one as I find this one is a lot more oilier and protects my skin from harsh weather outside.

I bought this eye pencil online thinking that I selected it in black colour but it turned out in purple. To be honest I'm not the most confident person when it comes to experimenting with different eye pencil colours and I'm not sure why because I quite like experimenting with my eye shadows and mascaras. I'm so happy that by mistake I must have selected this pencil in purple because I absolutely love it. It's so much easier to use than black pencil I find and I also think it gives my eyes that smoky but still wearable look during the day. I got this from

I got this 'Excessive Shimmer' eye shadow cream while I was doing my weekly shop at Sainsbury's. I don't tend to get any make up from supermarkets but I think I need to start because I'm desperately trying to save at the moment. I've been really enjoying to use this with my purple eye liner. These two products complete each other in the most beautiful way.

I've also done a video on my autumn/winter essentials on Youtube. The link is below:

Jane xxx


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Things I wish someone told me.

Oh hey,

So I caught myself thinking the other day about things that I wish I knew when I was a teenager as I feel that times can be a bit uncertain at this stage and mine definitely was. Although I have to say that my mum probably told me these on numerous occasions because she is just the best but as any other teenager I had a mind of my own and didn't take any notice of them.


1. Don't ever let people doubt yourself. Admittedly, I feel this doesn't just apply to teenagers but to adults also. It's so easy to fall into a habit of doing things that other people approve of and doubt yourself and your capabilities in something that you want to do and what makes you happy. Just remember, people tend to overreact to things that they are not familiar with but just think that people like Steve Jobs for example thought outside of the box in the world of  black and white TV and managed to make such a difference into our world still to this date. 
So write down your CRAZY ideas and believe in yourself but most importantly surround yourself with people who make you laugh, support you and just make you feel good. I feel that this is so important. 

2. Puberty can be unkind. It's a fact that you need to accept. Every girl is growing up in a different way from you and boobies, hips,  unwanted hair, extra un(wanted) weight are all part of that. I remember back when I was about 13, most of my girlfriends' breast area has started showing a slight change and mine was flat as an ironing board and probably as any other girl I was a little bit upset BUT when ahem... TMI alert... my period started ahem... My body have decided to grow in width and height all at once! So in a few months I put on 10 extra kg which for my height of 155cm was a tough pill to swallow. Whilst I watched my friends blooming like beautiful roses, me on the other hand looked like an ugly, grey and an overweight duck.
However, I do remember my mum telling me that: 'Jane, remember that cartoon ( Ukrainian) where an ugly grey duck, one day became a beautiful white swan?' to which I always said: 'Of course I do, mum!' and every time when my mum reminded me that one day I might become a beautiful white swan, life seemed to get better.

Just remember, looks are not everything, especially when you're going through something like puberty. Just take everything in and have fun with your friends because believe me one day, you won't be able to see them everyday, so those moments are very precious.

3. Boys. Now, this point was very important to me.Purely because I was very interested in them at this point in my life and well... they weren't, and it's the best way I can describe that very inconvenient situation. I mean who would want to date a fat looking duck? Well no one. So then I decided to take the matter in my own hands and would tell boys that I fancied them and well.. Most of the time I was left heartbroken because they just didn't feel the same way about me. My first every super bad crush was at school on a boy in a year above me. However the most amusing thing was that I didn't even speak to the guy and I vividly remember telling my mum and my friends that I love him!! Makes me smile now that I'm talking about it but trust me it wasn't all fun and games for me back then.
But once again, it gets better! I finally started going out with a boy when I was 16, and then my dating life has officially begun until I got married when I was 21.

4. Annoying parents. I actually feel very sad writing this now that I'm 26 but back in the day when I was a teenager, there were many times when I felt that my parents were getting on my way, they just didn't get me, I thought! Well, that was just the period of my life when I thought I know everything and I don't need their advice! How wrong was I?! At the age of 26, my parents are the only people that I trust completely and I know they won't betray me at the first opportunity. So try and understand your parents, they are simply worried about you and they love you so much that they want you to succeed greatly. So go on and give them a kiss and a hug, they will appreciate it trust me!

I could probably go on writing another 10 pages of this blog post but I don't think anyone will want to spend that much time reading a blog post:)
If you you liked it or found it helpful please share it with your friends:)

Thank you.

Jane xxx

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Life can be unfair but its still good.

So, I'm starting to write this on a ripped piece of paper while pretending that I'm working at my desk of my boring job and quite weirdly this is my inspiration for today's blog post.
I've never considered myself lazy or selfish when it comes to work (says a girl that pretends to work while writing this, ironic huh?) I always had to work very hard to achieve whatever it is I want to achieve and ....... I am not complaining about it as I feel it builds up a character and highlights your strengths and weaknesses. But it all can get a bit too much and overwhelming while chasing your dreams.

Growing up I was one of those kids who believed in magical things with all my heart. When I was 11 my cousin told me that Santa doesn't exist and very sadly proved it to me. Long story short my tiny little heart was broken for months! I suppose this just shows you how much of a little girl I was. Writing it now makes it look quite cute actually, without sounding too big headed!

I do think that I kept some of that innocence to this day and quite frankly I'm very happy about that because it's so easy to lose it in the world full of anger and sometimes disappointment. I'm sure we've all been there....and if you haven't well aren't you lucky :)
Chasing my dreams and aspirations are my biggest struggles as sometimes I ask myself questions that go something like ' Is there any point?' 'Did I go to university, so that after I could work in a boring office job?' ' Why can I not get the job that I want after studying so hard'. 'Qualifications is what you need' they said. I do have to agree to some extend however the world has changed a lot since when your diploma and qualifications could get you the job/life that you want.
After endless amount of job applications and telephone calls from various agents who only seem to offer me jobs for which I'm quite overqualified, I've come to a conclusion that things that you want are not easy to get. As I previously said I have to work very hard and keep believing in my dream so that one day it can become true and that's exactly what I am up to at the moment. Keep believing and keep working hard - thats the harsh truth my friends...

Another thing that has been playing on my mind recently is seeing how many miserable people out there are trying to ruin your day. Now you might think that I'm over exaggerating but trust me I'm not. The question that I have for those type of people is ' Is not easier to just be nice to people?' or 'Why can you not just be nice?' Call me an innocent girl but I do think it's so much easier to live your life when you're nice to people because I'm a strong believer that if you spread out positivity then karma will thank you for it.

But it's not all so bad folks! There are things in life that are so simple but can be very rewarding and make you very happy. Laughing until your tummy hurts while reminiscing about the good times, preparing dinner with your loved one regardless whether it's something special - just spending time together is a good enough reason, getting surprised by a beautiful bunch of flowers or just being wrapped up in a softest blanket while sipping on your favourite hot drink ( mine is lemon, ginger and honey tea) are all of my very simple examples of happiness.

While writing this post, my hubby actually surprised me with this bunch :) 

My favourite tea at the moment is by Sainsbury's

Me&my bestest friend from 2010

It's inevitable that we will meet people that are miserable or unhappy and we can't blame them for that, it's their own choice and I suppose what we can do is just take no notice of it and instead be nice to them. Trust me they will not expect that!

Life is such a wonderful present and I want to enjoy it to the full, don't you?

Have a lovely evening on this glorious Sunday.

Jane xxx

Monday, 31 August 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Hello there! 

I decided to spread the love and joy on my tiny little blog as I am so proud of Tanya and her achievements on her beauty re-launch. I have to be honest, from her previous collection I only tried one of her nail polishes in bright pink colour that I talked about here.  Her nail polishes are the only ones that literally do NOT chip! It's insane and I bloody love it!!! So I was really excited when she announced that she's releasing another beauty related products and I was counting days until I could finally get my hands on it! 

Inevitably, packaging is something that we all love looking at and start instantly judging a product by their cover and I am plead guilty of that too. However, of course packaging is not the most important thing when it comes to beauty products but I think on the psychological level of course it does! 
So not being a fake lash kind of girl I decided to get only 3 products, which you can see below. 

                           Nail Polish in colour ' Penguin Chick' 

If you read my previous post about her nail polish that I got from TB previous collection you will know just how much I freaking love her nail polishes! They are absolutely amazing! I only put 2 layers on without a top coat AND it lasts absolutely forever!!!! I think it's an amazing one for busy girls out there and of course for those who have more time on their hands but can't be asked to re-do their manicure too often as I feel ya! I really have to force myself to do my nails as I don't really enjoy it as much....The colours are literally what it looks like in the bottle and I think 2 coats is enough for your colour to look pigmented and last as I said previously millions of times absolutely forever. 
Lipgloss in colour 'Let's travel the world'

This is the first TB lipgloss that I got and I am in love! Such a pretty colour and feels very moisturising on the lips and it also smells of fresh watermelons, which is always a bonus! I find it lasts for a long time too even after eating/drinking which is unheard of in the world of lip glosses!
I love the packaging so much! Would you not agree????
Hollywood Eye palette
I am in absolute love with this eye palette. I've been wearing it every single day! It's so easy and quick to use! The colours are very pigmented but blend really well! But what I also like about it is that Tanya put instructions on the back of the palette to give us tips and tricks on what colours put where , which helps me out enormously! I'm always unsure what's the best colour to put where, so I found them really helpful.

Here are a few pics of my sleepy face wearing the products mentioned above:

It's really strange but for some reason my blog makes my photos look as if I'm skinny and I don't really like it but when I change the size it's too small which I don't like either but I find I look more like myself, so apologies if it's annoying as it's annoying me but hey ho it's got to do.

Let me know if you bought any of TB's new products as I will definitely need to purchase some more real soon considering the fast rate that I am using them at :)

Jane xxx


Sunday, 26 July 2015

My absolute favourite:)

Hello there!

I could not, not share my love for this product with you all because I truly believe it's one of a kind. I have never tried anything like it and urge you to give it a go yourself.

My reasons for such an obsession:
1. Gorgeous colour
2. Dries very quickly
3. Doesn't chip, even after one week of wearing!!!!!!
4. Leaves nails looking as if you've had a shellac manicure done.

I am definitely planning to buy more colours from Tanya Burr's brand and I just cannot wait:)

Happy Sunday! I am having a lazy afternoon followed by a very lazy evening:) How is your Sunday coming along?

Jane xxx


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Brighton AND Walk in a Park

Well hello there!
 I know it's been too long and to be honest I thought all of you have simply gone but I'm so glad you stayed :) My excuse is quite simple and uncomplicated, I just didn't feel like writing and I didn't want to force it. Simples.

But today is the day when I just feel like typing away.
So I've got so much to tell you. First of all, Happy Easter to you all lovely bunch and also I want to tell you what I've been up to recently.
Here in the UK we are blessed to have 4 days off from work and I've been really enjoying them so far, even though we are not blessed to have a nice weather but me and my other half went for a walk in our local park the other day and we had some fun.

The coat that I'm wearing is from H&M and I had it for absolute ages. Every time I go to shops I contemplate to buy a new one but I just find them a bit too expensive and always come back to this one.  I do think it's looks a bit weird on me now, what do you think?

                                                                    Face of the Day
I was wearing my BB cream by The Body Shop, My lipstick is from Maybelline in colour 16, Mascara is by Elizabeth Arden and Face Powder is by Rimmel Stay Matte. I have to say I still got my embarrassing oily moments but the face powder makes everything better:)

We then decided to go to Brighton for a day. We've been wanting to visit this amazing place for a couple years now and even booked the hotel and tickets but then had to cancel last minute:( But not this time and even though we didn't stay for the night we still had a good time exploring this amazing town!

Everyone who has been to Brighton, kept telling how beautiful and unusual to any place in England it is. And let me tell ya, it's even more than that! I have never seen anything so cute, colourful and unusual in my life! But I have to say that traffic was terrible and parking prices are ?!?!?!?!? OMG, quite expensive but that didn't really matter when you're in such beautiful place like Brighton.

How are you spending your Easter bank holiday weekend? Do you prefer spending it at home or travel and see new places? I would love to know!:)

Enjoy the weekend everyone and I wish you all a Happy Easter!!!

Jane xxx


Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Bucket List of mine - 2015

Source: Google 
As soon as I turned 25 I felt as if time started kicking me in the butt reminding me that there is still so much to do and see!

I think being 5 years away from hitting 30 I am now starting to look at life in a different light aka life crisis is hitting me hard some might think. But no, it doesn't affect my life in a negative way, in fact it causes quite the opposite affect. I read a quote somewhere: I am 25, I know how, I know what I want and  I am not afraid. All in all it's kind of how I feel at the moment. So here I am sitting all caught up in my thoughts and suddenly a light bulb appears on top of my head.

Basically, I decided to do my bucket list in a more fun and creative way. Let me explain... instead of writing up a list of things that I want do in my very secret notebook, I am going to do complete opposite and share it with everyone :)
I hope I will start crossing things off my list in the year of 2015 and take you, yes you along with me on my journey. There is only one rule; As soon as I can tick a thing off my list, I have to write a blog post about it. Quite simple, huh?

I hope you enjoy it and if you like the idea than join in the fun and tag me/comment under this post letting me know!!!

Let's crack on with my list and here is what I hope I can somehow cross off in  2015:

1. To visit a new place.
2. To laugh till I cry.
4. To feel the peace and world within.
5. To be carefree.
6. To laugh things off that are not important.
7. To give without expectation
8. To surprise a loved one like never before.
9. To experience a different way of living

I have no idea whether I will be able to cross all of it off but one thing I know for sure is that I will not push myself into anything. the point of this is to happen as it comes along.

A post will soon be uploaded as I can now say that one thing is now off my list :) Guess what it is?

Jane xxx
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