Friday, 2 March 2018

Discover SS18 trend in your current wardrobe NOW


I thought a lot about what should be my first post ( celebrating being back to blogging woohoo!)and I realised that I am absolutely falling in love with new Spring/Summer 2018 collections starting from Alexander McQueen to Valentino. They are so delicate, feminine and just screams high fashion yet wearable in every day life!
Here are some of my favourite pieces that inspired me to write this post altogether.
Expect to see a lot of ruffle this season, bold colour and pastels but also some sequin and sheer.

                                    (All photos are the property of their own respective owners)

I have to say Alexander McQueen have completely blown my mind away and I am in serious envy of those who can afford this brand's clothes. They are magnificent with lots of character and so much passion however there are some other brands that caught my eye such as Ted Baker.

Dolce and Gabbana impressed me with their maxi dresses this year in particular. If I could I'd buy them all. I can just see myself in them dancing on a yacht somewhere in St. Tropez with Timati. Wouldn't you feel like a queen? I know I would for sure.

But there is also another side of D&G that I adore and its dark and sexy side. Have a look for yourself. What do you think?

                                                                         So what? 

So what if D&G maxi dress is the most beautiful thing I ever did see when I simply can not afford it... sp what do I do? Yes you probably guessed it I start shopping my own wardrobe!

Since I started doing my research in the new SS18 trend I very quickly realised that it's something we can most likely find in our wardrobe already. Maybe not as posh and silky but close enough to save us a penny or two.
Do you have pastels spring/summer dresses? Do you have floral skirts or tops?  Do you have lacy dresses that you probably wore on you last hears Christmas do? Then congratulations girls you are on trend this season.

Let me know if you are falling in love with the new trend this season and is your favourite?

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  1. These Valentino looks are too dreamy! I love the floaty dresses & biker boots combo.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink


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