Sunday, 31 August 2014

Things I've enjoyed- August edition

Hi there my lovely people!

I am so sorry I've been away for a while. With my new job, renovating place and just being a good wife, I found myself too busy to sit down and write. However, I did start a new post last week but never got around to finish it haha!

Anyway enough with the waffle, let's crack on with the post. I am not going to lie and say that I am quite sad that summer is almost over but on the other hand I'm very much looking forward to autumn and winter time:) Unfortunately, my skin at the moment has seen better days and I've been on the look out for new products that could solve my skin problems. Is it only me but for some reason as soon as I start stressing around, not getting enough sleep and just be too busy to look at myself in the mirror, I instantly get spots and blemishes and I absolutely hate this fact but that's what the beauty companies are for, right? To solve our problems when our lifestyle is too demanding:)


I will forever be grateful to the person who invented this freaking amazing water that magically dissolves your make-up, cleanses and soothes your face without leaving your skin oily or over-dried. However, this product has completely won me over for one reason and one reason only, it doesn't hurt my eyes!!! I always had this problem where after I took my eye make up off I looked like I've been crying for hours, which let's face it, it's not great. It's such a bargain and bearing in mind what a great product this is, I would definitely check it out if you haven't already :) 
This is a face scrub which let's admit is more on a pricier side BUT OH MY GOODNESS! It's absolutely worth it.. This scrub is specifically designed for oily skin with blemishes. It's a see through scrub with tiny little exfoliaters that cleanses every single part of your face. I instantly noticed results after couple of uses.

When it comes to body scrubs, I can not commit to only one scrub. I am always on the look out for new products and this month I've been using 'SPAtopia Dead Sea Body Scrub'. I bought this one from Sainsbury's supermarket for only £4.00!! It has a great smell and I feel that my skin is squeaky clean after using it. 

Again this one is more on the pricier side but La Rochey-Pose range is not the cheapest but when it comes to skin care products I tend to spend a lot more as it goes on my face. I use this tonic after I took all my make up off as it helps to clean my pores thoroughly and get rid off any left over make-up. I saw the change pretty much after the first use as I didn't have any more break outs. 

This product is actually a little disappointment to me. As you probably know I have oily skin and this really doesn't help me in the sense of getting rid off the excessive oils but it will probably suit very sensitive skin type. After using this product I found myself with a lot more break outs than usual. So I think if you have very sensitive and probably dry skin, this is the product for you. 

On the other hand, I've been loving this facial wash gel. It's 100% soap free and does what is says on the packet. It cleans and soothes the skin. It also has vitamin goodness to keep your skin revived.  

As I said earlier I had a lot of spots on my face this month:( Therefore, I decided to try out this treatment product and it definitely helped me to clear out my skin. I put it on my clean face before I go to bed. 

About £2.00
I've been wearing this hair band non-stop on my days off as I find it's a little too much to wear it to the office. I got it from Primark about 2 months ago and it adds cuteness and girlieness to any outfit :) 
Here is me wearing it:

I hope you guys had a great summer!!! I wish you all a great autumn and I'll see you soon :)

Jane xxx 


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Back to business

Hello there lovely people of the internet :)

It was my first week at my new job and I decided to share my impressions with you on my blog. As a new bee I always get a little bit nervous before my first day but I decided not to put any pressure on myself and not think about it too much as I find it helps me stay calm and stress free. My first day was very busy and it went by quite quickly. At times I felt like that guy from the McDonald's advert hahaha!:

All in all I am very happy to be there and looking forward to my future career in this great company.
Here is me being me on a Friday after work :)

Jane xxx

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