Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Favourites.

November is over people!!!
Christmas and New Year's Eve is upon us and I cannot contain my excitement for this year's festive season. However this post is not about that, it's about my favourite products that I used throughout the month of November :)

So, let's crack on:

Clinique as a brand was and still is one of my favourite. It works well on my skin, both in skin care routine and make up. Shame I can't always afford it but this time my skin needed a little 'pick me up' and I decided to give this one a try. I use it after I took all of my make up off. I then take Clinique's anti-blemish solution tonic and put some of it on a cotton pad and oh my goodness, it does feel straight away that it's working! My spots and blemishes started to disappear after about 2 weeks of using this product every day- once a day. I also noticed that my skin is not as oily as it usually is and I do think that this product has helped me to make it happen.

I wrote a post about #ZoellaBeauty  here not so long ago and let me tell you all lovely bunch of people that I loved this product so much that I am including it in my favourites post:) 
It doesn't take long for it to absorb into your skin and it feels silky smooth after I applied it. Basically, this is my favourite one out of the whole range.

Earlier this month I decided to take advantage for Soap and Glory 3 for 2 in my local Boots. Eeek! I am always very excited when offers like these are taking place. I never tried a fragrance mist from Soap and Glory but I am very glad to tell you that I am not disappointed! The smell is something I never smelled before! It stays on for a long time, which is very important for me and the smell is kind of sweet and fresh at the same time. My apologies as I am not very good at describing scents.
Basically, go into your local drug store and give it a little sniff:)

Last but not least is this foot lotion that I got as part of a set which came in with cozy pink socks. I posted a picture on instagram wearing them so go ahead and check it out:) It's @Jane_Aliesina.
As weather got colder I found that my body lotion just didn't do it for my feet, so I decided to give this one a try and I really like the way it moisturise my feet and leaves them looking healthy.

That is about it :)

If you want, you can comment down below letting me know if you tried any of those products above or let me know what products you've been loving this month?

Happy Sunday!

Jane xxx

Friday, 14 November 2014

What happened?!

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Over the last few days I was quite surprised to find out that a few of my favourite British Youtubers/ Bloggers/Vloggers are going through a stage of receiving constant hating comments that is addressed directly at them and may I just add are quite personal. The question I have is how the heck did that happen?? I remember the days when this wasn't an issue but I suppose the bigger you get, the more people start having the need to share their negative opinions with everyone but most of the time they are just not necessary. Don't get me wrong, I obviously understand we don't live in an ideal world where everything is either black or white and no matter how many times people spread the negativity across the social media, it will not change anything instead it will make matters worse! How hard is it to understand? Online world is just like the real world except you can hide your face, which ultimately is the reason why people can share their opinion and not feel embarrassed by it. 

Personally, I take part in social media such as twitter, youtube and bloglovin' every single day and if I don't like something/someone, I just don't watch/read it and just ignore it. Now.. there is of course a difference between constructive criticism and negative comments. I don't find it offensive if someone decides to tell me that I can do things better instead I quite enjoy it because that will make my blog better. What's wrong with that? Nothing. On the other hand, negativity is something I can't handle. What's the point? It will not make that person happy nor does it really make you happy instead it makes you even more miserable. The point is that if you hate someone then you always have an option of not watching that video and keep your day and that person's day happy.

 Two of my favourite youtuber's such as Zoella and Gabby aka Velvetgh0st, oh and of course PointlessBlog ( which makes it three of my favourite youtubers) have all came out about their feelings on their current situation where their subscribers gone all 'we all hate you'. I feel quite embarrassed even though I am not the one writing nasty comments. I suppose that just shows how narrow minded some people are and how far they can go, completely and utterly unnecessary. I do however feel that the topic of 'I hate you' can also be applied to the 'real world' because if there is someone you didn't particularly like or didn't get on very well with you wouldn't be friends with them would you? We are not meant to like every single person we meet and that's where our special friends are stepping in. We all ( I hope) have one, two or three or however many you have very special friends with whom you can share absolutely everything and feel your very best you can be around them.
All I am trying to say is let's stop this negativity spreading around and let's share some love and support :)
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Happy Friday everyone and have a lovely weekend!
 Let's spread love not hate!

 Jane xxx

Saturday, 8 November 2014

My silly thoughts out loud...

On a rainy Sunday morning I came across my old family photo album and I just couldn't resist to sit down and remember the good old times. Instantly I was greeted by my silly little smile that never seemed to disappear when I was younger. When growing up I remember I used to hear this a lot: 'Jane, you never stop smiling! You always happy!' they used to say.
I didn't understand it back then as I thought everyone should be as equally as happy and there was absolutely no other way around it. Unfortunately, that changed when adulthood decided to knock on my door and tell me that it was my turn to grow up. I suppose I just wasn't ready to accept certain things nor did I really want to. I know it will sound so silly but my heart was broken when I realised that Santa does not exist!*Shhhs* don't tell anyone! It's a secret:)* Haha! You probably laughing with amusement but I was one of those kids that used to believe in miracles and things that I am too embarrassed to talk about now:) Though, on a more serious note I think we should find and cherish a golden piece of our childhood inside our souls to remind ourselves how awesome it was or how far we've come as a person.
Let's be honest as kids we are a lot more open about our feelings and thoughts, we are quite playful and not scared to take risks but most importantly we almost never stop smiling and find the joy in little things in life. So be meaningful, be happy and smile at tiny things in your life:)
Jane xxx
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