Sunday, 5 April 2015

Brighton AND Walk in a Park

Well hello there!
 I know it's been too long and to be honest I thought all of you have simply gone but I'm so glad you stayed :) My excuse is quite simple and uncomplicated, I just didn't feel like writing and I didn't want to force it. Simples.

But today is the day when I just feel like typing away.
So I've got so much to tell you. First of all, Happy Easter to you all lovely bunch and also I want to tell you what I've been up to recently.
Here in the UK we are blessed to have 4 days off from work and I've been really enjoying them so far, even though we are not blessed to have a nice weather but me and my other half went for a walk in our local park the other day and we had some fun.

The coat that I'm wearing is from H&M and I had it for absolute ages. Every time I go to shops I contemplate to buy a new one but I just find them a bit too expensive and always come back to this one.  I do think it's looks a bit weird on me now, what do you think?

                                                                    Face of the Day
I was wearing my BB cream by The Body Shop, My lipstick is from Maybelline in colour 16, Mascara is by Elizabeth Arden and Face Powder is by Rimmel Stay Matte. I have to say I still got my embarrassing oily moments but the face powder makes everything better:)

We then decided to go to Brighton for a day. We've been wanting to visit this amazing place for a couple years now and even booked the hotel and tickets but then had to cancel last minute:( But not this time and even though we didn't stay for the night we still had a good time exploring this amazing town!

Everyone who has been to Brighton, kept telling how beautiful and unusual to any place in England it is. And let me tell ya, it's even more than that! I have never seen anything so cute, colourful and unusual in my life! But I have to say that traffic was terrible and parking prices are ?!?!?!?!? OMG, quite expensive but that didn't really matter when you're in such beautiful place like Brighton.

How are you spending your Easter bank holiday weekend? Do you prefer spending it at home or travel and see new places? I would love to know!:)

Enjoy the weekend everyone and I wish you all a Happy Easter!!!

Jane xxx

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