Monday, 31 August 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Hello there! 

I decided to spread the love and joy on my tiny little blog as I am so proud of Tanya and her achievements on her beauty re-launch. I have to be honest, from her previous collection I only tried one of her nail polishes in bright pink colour that I talked about here.  Her nail polishes are the only ones that literally do NOT chip! It's insane and I bloody love it!!! So I was really excited when she announced that she's releasing another beauty related products and I was counting days until I could finally get my hands on it! 

Inevitably, packaging is something that we all love looking at and start instantly judging a product by their cover and I am plead guilty of that too. However, of course packaging is not the most important thing when it comes to beauty products but I think on the psychological level of course it does! 
So not being a fake lash kind of girl I decided to get only 3 products, which you can see below. 

                           Nail Polish in colour ' Penguin Chick' 

If you read my previous post about her nail polish that I got from TB previous collection you will know just how much I freaking love her nail polishes! They are absolutely amazing! I only put 2 layers on without a top coat AND it lasts absolutely forever!!!! I think it's an amazing one for busy girls out there and of course for those who have more time on their hands but can't be asked to re-do their manicure too often as I feel ya! I really have to force myself to do my nails as I don't really enjoy it as much....The colours are literally what it looks like in the bottle and I think 2 coats is enough for your colour to look pigmented and last as I said previously millions of times absolutely forever. 
Lipgloss in colour 'Let's travel the world'

This is the first TB lipgloss that I got and I am in love! Such a pretty colour and feels very moisturising on the lips and it also smells of fresh watermelons, which is always a bonus! I find it lasts for a long time too even after eating/drinking which is unheard of in the world of lip glosses!
I love the packaging so much! Would you not agree????
Hollywood Eye palette
I am in absolute love with this eye palette. I've been wearing it every single day! It's so easy and quick to use! The colours are very pigmented but blend really well! But what I also like about it is that Tanya put instructions on the back of the palette to give us tips and tricks on what colours put where , which helps me out enormously! I'm always unsure what's the best colour to put where, so I found them really helpful.

Here are a few pics of my sleepy face wearing the products mentioned above:

It's really strange but for some reason my blog makes my photos look as if I'm skinny and I don't really like it but when I change the size it's too small which I don't like either but I find I look more like myself, so apologies if it's annoying as it's annoying me but hey ho it's got to do.

Let me know if you bought any of TB's new products as I will definitely need to purchase some more real soon considering the fast rate that I am using them at :)

Jane xxx

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