Sunday, 20 September 2015

Life can be unfair but its still good.

So, I'm starting to write this on a ripped piece of paper while pretending that I'm working at my desk of my boring job and quite weirdly this is my inspiration for today's blog post.
I've never considered myself lazy or selfish when it comes to work (says a girl that pretends to work while writing this, ironic huh?) I always had to work very hard to achieve whatever it is I want to achieve and ....... I am not complaining about it as I feel it builds up a character and highlights your strengths and weaknesses. But it all can get a bit too much and overwhelming while chasing your dreams.

Growing up I was one of those kids who believed in magical things with all my heart. When I was 11 my cousin told me that Santa doesn't exist and very sadly proved it to me. Long story short my tiny little heart was broken for months! I suppose this just shows you how much of a little girl I was. Writing it now makes it look quite cute actually, without sounding too big headed!

I do think that I kept some of that innocence to this day and quite frankly I'm very happy about that because it's so easy to lose it in the world full of anger and sometimes disappointment. I'm sure we've all been there....and if you haven't well aren't you lucky :)
Chasing my dreams and aspirations are my biggest struggles as sometimes I ask myself questions that go something like ' Is there any point?' 'Did I go to university, so that after I could work in a boring office job?' ' Why can I not get the job that I want after studying so hard'. 'Qualifications is what you need' they said. I do have to agree to some extend however the world has changed a lot since when your diploma and qualifications could get you the job/life that you want.
After endless amount of job applications and telephone calls from various agents who only seem to offer me jobs for which I'm quite overqualified, I've come to a conclusion that things that you want are not easy to get. As I previously said I have to work very hard and keep believing in my dream so that one day it can become true and that's exactly what I am up to at the moment. Keep believing and keep working hard - thats the harsh truth my friends...

Another thing that has been playing on my mind recently is seeing how many miserable people out there are trying to ruin your day. Now you might think that I'm over exaggerating but trust me I'm not. The question that I have for those type of people is ' Is not easier to just be nice to people?' or 'Why can you not just be nice?' Call me an innocent girl but I do think it's so much easier to live your life when you're nice to people because I'm a strong believer that if you spread out positivity then karma will thank you for it.

But it's not all so bad folks! There are things in life that are so simple but can be very rewarding and make you very happy. Laughing until your tummy hurts while reminiscing about the good times, preparing dinner with your loved one regardless whether it's something special - just spending time together is a good enough reason, getting surprised by a beautiful bunch of flowers or just being wrapped up in a softest blanket while sipping on your favourite hot drink ( mine is lemon, ginger and honey tea) are all of my very simple examples of happiness.

While writing this post, my hubby actually surprised me with this bunch :) 

My favourite tea at the moment is by Sainsbury's

Me&my bestest friend from 2010

It's inevitable that we will meet people that are miserable or unhappy and we can't blame them for that, it's their own choice and I suppose what we can do is just take no notice of it and instead be nice to them. Trust me they will not expect that!

Life is such a wonderful present and I want to enjoy it to the full, don't you?

Have a lovely evening on this glorious Sunday.

Jane xxx
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