Thursday, 10 December 2015

Beauty bits - Winter Edition

Hey everyone!

So winter is officially here and I am so excited about that!!!!

Over the last couple of months I've noticed that I've started reaching for some items that I don't usually use in warmer months of the year and so I decided to share it with you, just in case if you're interested.
I am a big lover of lotions and body butters and so this item isn't really a novelty for my skin in autumn/winter months but it's definitely a must during this time of the year especially if you get very dry skin. I've been absolutely loving this body lotion by Zoella Beauty from her Tutti Fruity collection. It absorbs very quickly and leaves your skin really soft and smelling divine.
Here is a closer look:) It also has a lot of bursting beads and extracts of Acai which protects and pampers your skin.

Lipsticks on the other hand is a new thing that my lips are experiencing this year. I've never been a fan of them for some reason but I suppose after watching a couple of YouTube videos where beautiful beauty gurus are talking about how this lipstick has changed their life ( sorry... being a little bit overdramatic here but you get the point) and then of course I go to Boots and start experimenting with different colours of lipstick. The one I'm using the most these days is by Kate Moss in number 37. It's not exactly your typical Merlin Monroe red colour but it does the job and  if you're going for a more vampy look then this colour is definitely worth a try because you can build up the colour that you want with no trouble.

What I've been really like doing for the last couple of months is to use this beautiful thing by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I absolutely love this colour! It's so appropriate for this time of the year however I will still be wearing it all year round. It's very glossy and smells of fresh and sweet watermelons, which is a little bonus. The colour is in 'Let's travel the World' which has a really nice coral colour to it.
Lip balms is a must for me in autumn and winter time as my lips tend to get quite dry. I've been using Kissy Missy lip balm by Zoella. It's very moisturising and has a very lovely pinky tint to it but you can most definitely build up the colour if you wish.
Red nail polish is a must for me! Although I like to change the colour of my nails on a weekly basis, I've been loving this nail polish by Bourjois in a dark red colour the most! It's quite shiny and lasts a decent amount of time on your nails without chipping.

I've been really enjoying using the 'Stop the clock' moisturiser by Sanctuary Spa over my Clinique gel one as I find this one is a lot more oilier and protects my skin from harsh weather outside.

I bought this eye pencil online thinking that I selected it in black colour but it turned out in purple. To be honest I'm not the most confident person when it comes to experimenting with different eye pencil colours and I'm not sure why because I quite like experimenting with my eye shadows and mascaras. I'm so happy that by mistake I must have selected this pencil in purple because I absolutely love it. It's so much easier to use than black pencil I find and I also think it gives my eyes that smoky but still wearable look during the day. I got this from

I got this 'Excessive Shimmer' eye shadow cream while I was doing my weekly shop at Sainsbury's. I don't tend to get any make up from supermarkets but I think I need to start because I'm desperately trying to save at the moment. I've been really enjoying to use this with my purple eye liner. These two products complete each other in the most beautiful way.

I've also done a video on my autumn/winter essentials on Youtube. The link is below:

Jane xxx



  1. I really have to try some bourjois nail polish, it's one the brands I never think to get nail polish from

    1. Yes you should :) Their nail polishes are very good in my opinion, easy to put on and very fast drying :)


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