Tuesday, 8 July 2014

It's over!

Here I am... back in London. It's finally hit me....student life is over! As much as I'm feeling happy and excited for the future, I'm also very very sad. Bournemouth town has grown into something really special for me. As a full time university student living away from home, it gave me the most needed and precious experience for life - becoming an independent adult. It of course had a lot of advantages for me, such as no pressure from my parents, nights out or nights in with a cheeky take away and making or attending house parties. I could basically do whatever I wanted without feeling the need to ask or tell my parents and it was very exciting for me! However, I also started working part time at my local Tesco branch, twice a week with working overtime whenever I could. With university, part-time job and sharing a house with other students, it suddenly wasn't as much fun as I thought it will be. Tiredness and stress started to get some toll on me after a while. All I can say, there is no rainbow without a rain ladies and gentlemen as if you didn't know that already :)
To sum up my three years VERY and I say VERY briefly, please read it below:

First of all, grocery shopping. Over time I started hating doing my weekly shop. I don't know what it was but I just didn't enjoy it any more and I STILL DON'T.
I do think it had something to do with the fact that my nearest good size supermarket was actually my workplace to and from which I had to walk for an hour there and back as I didn't have a car back then and I had no luck for people to tell me which bus goes to my house from work. How pathetic?!Thinking back, I actually can't believe it myself sometimes, walking for one hour to get to work, get through a 9 hour shift (with breaks of course), do some shopping and then walk back for an hour with heavy bags in my hands. Well, all I can say is I guess I really deserved to have a car in my life now :) However, it wasn't easy of course. I'll open a little secret to you! I passed my driving test from 7th time! I know!! It's crazy but the money that I spent on driving lessons and exams are all worth it now! So DON'T give up if you are going through the same thing at the moment. You will pass, just be calm and believe in yourself!

Secondly, living with other students. Your house mates can be either your best friends or a complete nightmare. I was so lucky and I got to be best buddies with my house mates as we all were in the same boat and decided to enjoy this crazy roller-coaster together.
Miss Sunshine
Our kitchen was a total mess most of the time but it didn't stop Gracie from cooking delicious cupcakes and cakes! *Yum*
It's not a student life without a cheeky night out in the town.
I look so creepy on this photo but I love it nonetheless! It captured a nice little moment that I can re-live every once in a while.
Dan the man! The best house mate ever!
Another cheeky night out! We studied hard but played hard too:)
Don't ask me what am I doing up there as I'm wondering that myself!

Me trying out a fairy look:)
As much fun as we had, there were also issues, not major but there were some. One of them was cleaning and keeping our house neat and tidy. I grew up in a very clean and neat environment therefore to go from that to a mess of living in a cold and dirty student house was definitely a struggle at first. I think it's something that every student goes through and unfortunately it's inevitable and you will either have to clean your house yourself most of the time or if you're lucky you will get help from others too. In my situation I guess we were all equal and we shared our cleaning duties accordingly. My advice to you would be get yourselves a white board with pens and hang it in the kitchen where you can have some sort of schedule of who is doing what and when.

Finally, missing home and parents. I'll be honest and say I spent my first  night crying in my room. I sound so childish I know but I felt very home sick and lonely but I got over it as soon as I started university and my part-time job. I had no time to be upset but then I always felt a little bit  helpless when I got ill and I would desperately call my mum and talk to her about it and would wish she was here with me.  I think no matter how old I will be, I will always feel like that as my mum is a very very special person in my life. 

Overall, student life was an awesome experience for me and I wouldn't change it for a thing. It made me who I am today and I have a lot of memories that I will cherish forever. If you are about to embark on your journey of being a university student living away from home, I just want to say, don't hold back and enjoy everything that your university has to offer you ( I mean extra activities, e.g. societies, pub quizzes, day trips and conferences etc. ) because 3 years will fly by like 1 day and I think it's very important to at least have some decent memories of that experience.
Last few weeks of university( Me on the right)

I think I would have to write for at least another month to share everything that I went through throughout my 3 years therefore I'm just going to leave it at that:)

Be yourself and enjoy the roller-coaster even if it goes down at times.

Jane xxx


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