Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer in London City!

''Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. ''
                                        - Henry James 

I've always been a summer lover since I can remember myself. Long days and short nights meant that I could stay out and play outside with my friends for longer as me and my mum had a deal, I had to be back home until it gets dark:) I guess I could say, I was an active child when growing up, I was part of the dancing group (that soon became my everything but that's another story itself )and I would spend all of my free time during summer holidays outside, playing hide and seek, volleyball, football and looking after kittens and puppies that lived on the streets. Unfortunately in Ukraine, you can find a lot of homeless pets that was breaking my little and childish heart and yeah you guessed it, I would take them home with me :) My mum was not impressed to say the least but I do remember that one time when she actually let me keep one of the ginger kittens that was so cute!! 
Summer for some reason is the time when I get a little bit nostalgic in terms of my childhood and my home town. I always want to go back and visit but during summer months, my desire to visit multiplies by a 100 :) 

The weather has been so lovely here in England over the last few weeks. I feel we all need a break from the most horrific and wet autumn and winter this year. Oh yes, it was horrific. We had very strong winds and rain showers, that made a massive tree in our garden to fall down on mine and other neighbours' car! I don't want to go into too much detail but I had a sleepless night to say the least. 

Now onto the point of this blog post :) Me and my other half went to London for a day for some business (sounding more important than it actually was). Anyway,after we were done with our 'business' we decided to stay and explore London:) 

It was a very sunny and warm summer afternoon and so we decided to go to Hyde Park and I'm so glad we did! As soon as we entered this magical place, our nostrils were having the time of their life as roses and other flowers smelled so fresh that instantly gives you that upbeat mood. I have to say, parks in London is something and I may or may not have underestimated them? I guess just a little, yes:) 

Little family of ducks :)

Royal Albert Hall


My current hair and make-up routine is very simple. One of the other reasons that I love summers so much! I don't put any heavy foundation or BB cream on my face and it feels very nice for my skin when I'm in the sun. During the warm months, I try and let my skin have a break after clogging it with foundations, concealers and face powders. Just in case if you're interested than here are the products that I used for this look:

Accessorize, Bejewelled Palette, £10,acc_21.8/5031269900 

The two eye shadow colours that I used for this look

The Body Shop, Honey Bronze, £13

Vaseline, Tesco

bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation, £19.95

Rimmel London, Scandaleyes, £4.99

Rimmel London, Colour Rush 'Give me a cuddle', £5.99 

Rimmel London blusher

Rimmel London,Wake me Up Concealer, £5.49

I'm not even sure where it's from as I had it for absolute ages now...

Wow! It turns out that I am girl from London who enjoys Rimmel London a LOT :) Well, it does the job quite well, it's not too expensive and it ticks a lot of boxes for me. 

Hope you enjoyed this little adventure and I will see you soon.

Jane xxx


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