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Experimenting with my Hair


I love all things hair. Since ever I've discovered YouTube videos where girls showcasing their skills from how  to make 10 easy every day hair styles to sleek and more special up dos, I've slowly became addicted and decided to practice it as I was watching it on my own hair. Honestly, I never thought I'd be able to do it but you don't know for sure unless you try. And so I did and quite frankly, I was surprised at how easy some of the 'complicated' (it seemed at the time) hair styles were actually not that hard at all, all you needed to do is to watch step by step videos and try your best to re-create that look. 
I think for a girl, make-up is not the only thing that represents her personality it's also her hair that can make a simple look, look a little bit more fancy.

Kyiv, 2004

So this is how it all started. Me graduating school back in 2004 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Horrible picture to say the least. So why did you upload it, some might ask? Well, I just wanted to upload it so that you can see how my hair style has changed since my teenage years up until this point of my life. 
When I was growing up, there was no such thing as internet, in fact it wasn't until I came to the UK that I found whole other world for myself, such as Google, e-mails, YouTube and Facebook! Although in some cases I actually feel privileged that I grew up internet free, there were times when internet wouldn't be a bad thing. 
My first experiment took place when I was 19 years old and I did my first full head highlights in a salon. I was so excited to do something different with my hair as I do find, it makes me feel a little bit more confident. Unfortunately I don't seem to have a picture after my first appointment in a salon but using an imagination, you can probably guess what it looked like. I was very happy with the result but being a student and not having enough cash to splash on full head highlights, it slowly grown back to my natural colour.

After some serious consideration, I decided to colour my hair myself ( full-head). And so off I went to my local Tesco to purchase my ever first hair dye. My then boyfriend really liked dark haired styles, such as brown and black so I decided to go ahead with the chocolate brown colour. At the time Cheryl Cole was rocking that look with her wonderfully glossing locks in chocolate brown and so I thought I can pull it off too, maybe...? Hahaha!

Kyiv, 2008

As you probably guessed, I am on the right with my bestest (not sure if it's even a word) school friend that I still keep in touch! I guess without sounding too big headed, I don't look too bad because I spent a considerable amount of time in the sun and my hair gets highlighted by the sun quite easily ad I think the flash from the camera makes it a little bit more lighter that it actually was. However, when I came back to England and after a while my skin obviously went back to it's natural tone after a while and oh dear, I couldn't pull off that look any more! First of all, it made me look at least 5 years older than I actually was and I didn't feel confident. Besides, I did get quite a few negative comments about my hair at work so I thought this is it, I need to change it!! Oh, just found another picture with my natural skin tone, so you can see for yourself :)

London, 2008

So what I did first is I got a full-head highlights as I didn't want to damage my hair too much and it seemed to do a little trick but I wasn't too happy with the result but being all responsible and all that, I actually waited for it grow itself and when it got to the point where I could just trim it off, I did it with so much pleasure! After it was all off, I did another full-head highlights as I couldn't wait to have light hair again :)

                                                            Cornwall, 2009

Not damaging my hair too much, I still noticed a change and not in a good way. It became more thin and it looked like I've been straightening and hair drying it all day, every day, haha! But that's when I started thinking about little treats for my hair, such as hair masks and oil for my damaged ends AND I actually decided to start using my conditioner on a regular basis. When it comes to my hair, for some reason I get quite lazy and don't want to do much with it but it all had to change! Without knowing a lot about hair and how to help my damaged hair, for some reason I always trusted Tresemme range of shampoos and conditioners, it seemed to work and it smelled delicious! Because it wasn't cheap, I'd always purchase these products when they were on offer and their biggest bottle size is massive so it would last for quite a long time. However, I did try to use other shampoos along the way ( say one month I'm using Tresemme and the next I'm using Loreal Paris) as my hair gets frizzy quicker and it wouldn't have any volume when I use the same shampoo and conditioner for a few months straight. Anyway, the point is, I decided to try out their hair mask in hope to change my hair for the better.

This picture is not from 2009 ( I would be very impressed with myself if it was). I took this pic a few days ago as I STILL re-purchase this product over and over again! That is 5 years and counting:)  I don't know what they put in their but it works magic! I vividly remember how impressed I was with my hair after my first treatment. First of all, my hair was silky smooth, it wasn't frizzy and for once I didn't look like a poodle :) I could really feel that my hair was getting more healthy and more strong. That is why I keep coming back to it and although trying a few other products, I always kept coming back to this one.

For a year I haven't done anything with my hair and this is what I looked like:

                                                                 London, 2010

I have to say, looking after my hair and not damaging it really paid off but in my case I get bored quite quickly and so I always want to try something different, and by different I mean, grow it, cut it or colour it. The next stage was an inspiration from Cheryl Cole once again... Her red hair look looked so amazing again that I really wanted to try it out too. Unfortunately I haven't got a photo of me with this hair colour, which is quite weird but I did get a few positive comments about my hair colour but I'm gutted that I don't have a photo :(  I do remember it made feel a little bit funky and 'cool' LOL! So if you want to be cool and funky, the red hair look will definitely be the one to go for.

                                                                           Cheryl Cole

Wouldn't you want to try and rock these looks after seeing these pictures? Yeah I think you would :)

After my red hair adventure, I wanted to go back to my more natural hair colour and so I decided to dye it in natural blonde colour but that wasn't until 2012:

Bournemouth, 2012

I really really liked this colour, unfortunately I only realised that after I decided to colour it once again in order to get more of a fake blonde effect. Yeah I wanted to be more blonde than this and so I looked like this:
                                                                 London, 2012

I didn't mind this colour but it didn't suit me whatsoever and so my dream of being a blonde bombshell was shattered hahah!

It's 2014, and this is how my hair currently looks like (Pic below). I take it easy and it's been almost two years now since I've dyed my hair full head, so quite impressed but I still did a cheeky full head highlights last year. So in total no damage for my roots for 2 years and for my hair in general for 1 year. It's so nice to see my natural colour again! Besides, I already can see a few grey hair and I'm only 24:( So I decided to get the most out of my natural hair and enjoy it while I can! But life is too short for only one hair colour, so I am definitely happy that I had this journey of experiments and  that's what being young is all about: experimenting, trying new looks but also not forgetting to be responsible and learn from your mistakes to see what suits you best :)


Now on to some hair styles that I learned from watching YouTube videos. I'm going to keep it short and sweet. These are all the hair styles that I thought will be very hard to do but in actual fact was OK for me.


These are just a few hair styles that I do myself on a regular basis, they are quite easy and quick to make :)

Until next time, see you later :)

Jane xxx


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