Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Edinburgh Trip 2014 :)

''One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.''- Henry Miller

The words won't describe how relieved I was, when I handed in my last assignment to the School of Tourism at Bournemouth University this summer! No more late nights in with my lap top, no more endless amount of hours in the library (although my course mates made it so much fun at times!) but most importantly no more university! And yes, it was very hard to say goodbye to my student life and friends but I am now really looking forward to the future and my travelling adventures(!!!) I believe that travel not only broaden your horizons but it also changes the way you look at life and people around you hence why I decided to use the quote above. For me travelling is a chance to get away from the every day life and experience new places and wow! the UK has a lot of places that will simply take your breath away. Oh and did I mention that I'm Ukrainian? :) That's probably why I feel the need to explore the UK in every way I can as almost after 8 years of immigrating to this beautiful country I never got a chance to actually get to know it.

Recently, me and my husband decided to go to Scotland for couple of days and I knew that Scotland has the most excellent countrysides and natural beauty that can be seen through parks, mountains and greenery but I was not expecting to see what I saw! Edinburgh is such an amazing place that combines both the city vibes and natural tranquillity of parks and countryside.

The streets of Edinburgh reminded me of what it was like in the old days, it has so much heritage and value that I was trying to take it all in by capturing it using my camera and  of course my eyes:)

This park was only about 15 minutes drive from the city centre but it definitely felt as if I stepped into another city itself. It has the most spectacular views and the oxygen was so clean that I actually felt a little bit dizzy.  

Summer time means all things beautiful and creative. I managed to make a few new friends (butterfly and a cute little bunny!!). It was so interesting to witness their life in the park. If you are a bunny lover like myself then this place is definitely for you as there are a lot of them there!  

Overall, it was a great weekend away with my other half and even though it took us about 10 hours to get there(!!!) I still don't regret that we went! I would strongly recommend to go there if you are looking for something new and exciting.
P.S. I might regret saying it but in my opinion, Edinburgh as a capital city has a lot more to offer  than London :) Just saying....hahaha! Although I do LOVE London nonetheless :)

Hope you enjoyed my first blog and I hope to see you in my little space of a vast blogging world very soon :)
Jane xxx



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